Commercial Solar

Solar for Commercial Entities.  Purchases, PPA's, and Operating Leases

Ecological Systems is a provider of commercial design, engineering, and construction of solar generating facilities throughout NJ. 

As commercial entities have the largest demand for electricity during peak hours, facilities management has come into focus as a great way to reduce costs through smart metering and Renewable energy generation.  Ecological Systems differentiates by delivering tailored focus to our clients needs and executing a plan which to reduce costs and thus increase margins.

Business who choose energy independence simultaneously reduce costs, protect themselves from future energy hikes, and secure a balance sheet enhancing asset with an operational life in excess of 25 years.  Why pay for electricity when you can generate it yourself?

Why now is not too late.

With the extension of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act program there has never been a better time for a business to go solar.

Businesses who begin a solar system in 2011 and complete it by 2013 are eligible for a 30% Grant.

Benefit from fixed predictable electric savings and protection against inflation and rate hikes.

Benefit from additional income from sales of  Solar Renewable Energy Certificates.
Additional tax benefits through depreciation expense on the full cost of the system.

Our Programs

Currently Ecological Systems provides the most comprehensive product mix in the industry including

  1. Cash Purchases
  2. Flex Purchase
  3. PPA's and Operating Lease
  4. Total Power Programs

All business owners have unique concerns, cash flows, and tax issues.  Ecological Systems employs a consultative process to work with  our clients profile to maximize the benefit of the solar system.


Ecological Systems provides comprehensive support for businesses going solar including:

  1. 3rd party financing
  2. Asset based lending
  3. Consultation and Coordination

Reach out to us to discuss your project and start on the path to energy independence.