Energy Efficiency

Utility costs are soaring. Demand for power has risen more than 60% in the past 27 years. Electric power plants are the number one source of industrial pollution in the United States.

Each day more energy falls to the Earth from the sun's rays than the total amount of energy the planet's 6+ billion human inhabitants would consume in 27 years.

The time has come. . .

Now, clean energy is an attractive and cost effective solution.

Depending upon the system you choose and where you're located, you can reduce or eliminate your electric bill entirely. In fact, when your electricity production exceeds the demands of your own home or office, your meter actually spins backwards & the utility company credits you for the power you produce!

Clean Energy For A Sustainable America. . .

Using renewable energy technologies can convert solar energy into electricity, heating, and even cooling. Growing energy demands, increasing environmental problems and declining fossil fuel resources have made us look to alternative energy options. Now, we can focus our attention on utilizing this truly tremendous renewable resource.

Solar electric systems are highly accessible, have no moving parts and will last.

Even while photovoltaic (photo - light and voltaic - voltage producing) or PV cells employ sophisticated semiconductor devices, they are easy to obtain and utilize at your own home or office.

We live in a world of finite resources, which are becoming more depleted every day. With over 6 billion humans and billions of other life forms relying on the same planetary resources, our survival depends upon how we utilize these resources. Culture and politics aside, it has simply become a matter of numbers. We have developed abilities in agriculture, manufacturing and communications which all rely on abundant energy. The search for gathering and refining of energy has always been fraught with dangers, both to our environment and to our persons. There never has been abundant fossil fuel sources of energy, though certain parties would like us to think so. Now, the simple fact is that, due to new technologies, we no longer need - nor can we afford to maintain - the vastly expensive grid work of electrical and other transmission infrastructure that has been developed in the past. Almost every home in the United States could be powered by renewable energy of some kind to a greater or lesser extent, thus drastically lowering our cost of infrastructure and energy development. All of this would be reflected in a myriad of benefits, in both the short and long term. If we start now. . . we may all have a chance. We simply must ask ourselves: what kind of world (if any) do we want to leave behind?

Whether you're considering solar because it can save you money, ensure you have power during outages, or because you want to reduce your impact on the environment, renewable generation system solutions are the intelligent choice for any home or office.