Residential Solar

No Money Down Financing Available!

While photovoltaics, or PV cells, employ sophisticated semiconductor devices, solar electric systems are simple to operate and have no moving parts; they are built to last.

Each day more energy falls to the Earth from the sun's rays than the total amount of energy our 6+ billion inhabitants would consume in 27 years.

The requirement for energy to power satellite systems and space probes provided a big impetus in advancing solar technology, making it more efficient and affordable.

Now, as huge financial incentives are available, along with growing energy demands, increasing environmental problems and declining fossil fuel resources - we naturally focus our attention on utilizing the tremendous resource provided by the sun.

At Ecological Systems, we will perform all of the following services to ensure your photovoltaic system is installed properly and working at peak efficiency:

  • Energy audit and initial solar consultation
  • Solar panel evaluation and selection
  • Photovoltaic system installation
  • Follow up inspection and maintenance
Serving New Jersey since 1985, we're the oldest solar company around. Put our experience and superior rating to work for you, and start protecting the environment and saving your family money today!