Wind Generators

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During the winter of 1887-88 Charles F. Brush built what is today believed to be the first automatically operating wind turbine for electricity generation. It was a giant - the World's largest - with a rotor diameter of 17 m (50 ft.) and 144 rotor blades made of cedar wood. The turbine ran for 20 years and charged the batteries in the cellar of his mansion. Despite the size of the turbine, the generator was only a 12 kW model. This is due to the fact that slowly rotating wind powered electric generators of the American wind rose type do not have a particularly high average efficiency. It was the Dane Poul la Cour, who later discovered that fast rotating wind powered electric generators with few rotor blades are more efficient for electricity production than slow moving wind powered electric generators.


Each system is customized to meet the needs of the location it will power. Your utility usage will determine the turbine's size, and initial investment price. With current financial incentives, your system's payback period could be incredible, and will continue to generate clean energy for many years, at no additional cost.


Small turbines are now available that can operate 5 years or more, even at harsh sites, without need for maintenance or inspections and 5-year warranties are available. The reliability and cost of operation of these units is equal to that of photovoltaic systems.